Whiteout Privacy Window Film Installation

Install at a Duke Of York Military School

Privacy window film can be designed, cut and installed in a range of different shapes, sizes and textures. It’s the perfect, cost effective, easy solution method to achieving privacy results, plus it’s super quick and easy to install!

Besides the main benefit of privacy, the window film has many other benefits that you may not see or think of. Glare reduction, although glare may not be prominent in every room of your residence or place of work; privacy window film reduces glare which is specifically significant when working on computers, watching a TV or using any handheld device. Another unseeable benefit is the elimination of UV rays, blocking 99% of these ultraviolet rays means that your furniture (over a period of time) will not fade and lose its colour. This benefit isn’t something that you will notice right away however, it’s something that you’ll thank yourself for later!

In addition to that, the privacy glass film adds an element of security. This is because of the fact that the film will keep the glass together in the case of the glass shattering, eradicating the possibility of the glass flying everywhere which could cause serious damage.

As seen in the above picture, Duke Of York Military School opted for a whiteout window film to totally obscure vision in and outside of the building. This is particularly useful for those who wish to totally section off a room or area, saving time and money and eliminating the need to build walls to achieve desired results.



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