Solar Protection Window Film For Your Office Home Summer House Conservatory

Solar Protection Window Film

With rising energy costs, more and more people are continuing to look for ways to save money and reduce energy consumption. Here at Ultrastop Window Films, we have the perfect solution to not just save money but, reduce glare, control excess sunlight & heat and minimise UV light.

Whether your problem persists at home, a working office, summer house or conservatory, Ultrastop Window Films offer a large assortment of solar protection window films that are perfect during all weather conditions. Tackling a multitude of different problems, our window film is the perfect solution that is cost effective, easy to apply and comes is a vast variety of options with multiple benefits.

Below, we will cover the four main benefits to using our solar protection window film which are:

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UV radiation is part of natural sunlight and unfortunately we cannot stop the natural energy produced. However, we can prevent it and the solution is solar protection window film by Ultrastop window films! UV light isn’t visible to the naked eye, this is because UV light has shorter wavelengths than visible light, however UV light can be felt on your skin and can be damaging to health. UV light damages your DNA in your skin cells which increases the risk for skin cancer, it’s also the cause of unwelcomed signs of aging including wrinkles and dark spots.

The solar protection film by Ultrastop window films removes up to 99.7% of harmful ultraviolet rays without blocking natural sunlight. This means that you do not lose the bright natural light that would usually penetrate through your glazing. Furthermore, this small investment can prolong the life span of carpets, furniture, shop products + more by reducing evident fading that UV rays naturally cause.


Reducing energy bills can be appealing to both residential customers and commercial; with solar protection window film, it does just that and does just that all year round! During warm summer months, our solar window film will significantly reduce the amount of heat that comes through the windows, deflecting it and protecting your room from overheating. Alternatively, during the winter months, our solar window film also significantly reduces the amount of heat that would usually escape from your windows, distinctly keeping your room warm and toasty. The use of fans during summer months and radiators/heaters during winter months will drop dramatically by allowing our solar protection window film to play a part in your rooms temperature control.


Glare coming through windows can be extremely uncomfortable on the eye, especially to those who’re working on computer screens, this could and may lead to productivity issues. Commonly used anti-glare measures include the likes of curtains or blinds which evidently make your room dark, prevent vision out and can also be expensive. With our solar control window film, the glare reduction does not impact the amount of natural light passing through drastically. This means that a high level of light still passes through and your room remains well lit in addition to still allowing vision out as opposed to having blinds or curtains.

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