Natural History Museum Safety Window Film

Install At Natural History Museum

Health & Safety is a top priority in many establishments, and more often than not, people overlook the safety of their glazing. Safety window film has many benefits and is designed to hold fragments of glass together after the glass is broken, preventing flying shattered glass from injuring passersby. This anti-break property absorbs the shock of impact increasing the durability and strength of the glazing.

Another benefit of security window film is the protection it provides against chemicals, key scratches and more. This means that instead of replacing your entire window after vandalism, the security window film by Ultrastop window films proves to be a better cost & time effective solution.

In addition to that, our security window film can also be used to change the appearance of your glazing while also protecting it. Adding an extra level of security, the film can be provided in a frosted, appearance, withdrawing the ability to see inside clearly; as well as clear or reflective, available in multiple tints and colours.

The Natural History Museum evidently has important pieces to showcase, in-order to protect these items, toughened security glass is needed. The security window film supplied and installed by Ultrastop window films proves to be the perfect match for the ultimate solution. Our team of fully vetted, experienced fitters installed our security window film with minimal disruption, meaning access to the gallery was kept to a minimum.

For more information, advise, or a free quote, get in touch with our team today on 0208 079 0241 or alternatively send us an email!

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