McDonalds Window Decal Installation

Install at a McDonalds branch in the UK

Window decals from Ultrastop window films can be a huge benefit to your store front glazing in a number of different ways. With countless competition surrounding many stores, it is essential to differentiate your appearance and be distinguishable within your area.

Custom window decals are the perfect cost effective way of advertising. They can transform your shop and create eye-catching visuals to draw attention and get your message across. Whether you’d like to display slogans, imagery, products or discounts, your creativeness can go wild. Brand awareness is key to repeat business and the spread of word of mouth. When conversations creep up regarding a topic in your industry, you want to be the first thing that comes to mind.

The great thing with window decals by Ultrastop window films is that they’re 100% flexible. This means they can be removed upon request and are not permanent. This is great for events, seasonal promotions and more!

Glass graphics don’t just have to be promotional material – directions, store information and safety alerts are a common display on entrance doors. Things such as accessible for wheelchairs, CCTV in operation and opening times are a great way to reassure your customers on the questions they would usually have to ask in store or search online, saving them time and being convenient.

As per McDonalds branding guidelines, we designed, printed and installed the below graphics specifically to the clients specifications.

Sticking to consistent colour schemes inside your establishment is just as important as sticking to them on your windows too. Consistency will keep your brand professional, appealing and memorable. This is what makes great companies such as McDonalds stand out, be successful and become a household name.


For more information, advise, or a free quote, get in touch with our team today on 0208 079 0241 or alternatively send us an email!

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