Privacy Window Film Installation

Install at a Halifax branch within the UK

Privacy solutions can come in many different forms, a cost effective visually pleasing solution is privacy window film from Ultrastop window films. Along with privacy window film comes many benefits, these include increased safety, less glare, energy saving benefits, enhanced appearance, less furniture fading, heat control and most importantly affordable!

Homes or businesses can benefit greatly with privacy window film, especially those located on busy roads or workplaces with a sensitive nature. Ultrastop window film supplies privacy window film in a range of grades and finishes. These include visual affects such as opaque film, frosted film, sandblasted, etched effect or satin film. Our privacy window film has been designed to obscure glass during the day and night without sacrificing natural light coming through.


Privacy window film can offer safety, security and also a decorative touch which complements your interior design. As well as being a viable option within a home or business, privacy window film can be used on bathroom windows and also on internal shower glass.

Halifax opted in for privacy window film to withdraw the ability of seeing into sensitive office space. This allows for private meetings, 1 on 1 consultations and a secure working environment. This option allowed for light still being able to illuminate the room and also be on-brand with Halifax logos printed along each glass panel. Being a high footfall facility, concealing private and important documents is a must and especially within a bank, the privacy film solves the issue of ordinary members of the public to be able to visible access these documents that may be on display.


For more information, advise, or a free quote, get in touch with our team today on 0208 079 0241 or alternatively send us an email!

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