Anti Graffiti Window Film

Anti Graffiti Window Film

Graffiti is an inevitable occurrence that many shops and store fronts face in this day and age. The rising level of vandalism crime puts many business owners at risk of being victimised due to easy exposure and an enticing canvas of glass. This prime space for your branding, marketing and signage is an easy target, so it is vital to ensure that the glass is protected.

In hindsight, there is no realistic way to prevent vandalism however, if and when it does happen, having a measure in place to easily remove/fix it is key. The cost effective method of using anti graffiti window film makes this process that much easier, saving you time and money on having to replace whole new glass panels, which can evidently be very expensive!

Appearance of the glass is not affected once the anti graffiti window film is prepped and installed by Ultrastop window films. This is because of the properties of the film being clear, it is also tough which strengthens the integrity of the glass. A specially created coating applied on the film makes removal an easy process in the event of unwanted markings such as; spray paint, ink-based graffiti, scouring or scratching. This sacrificial barrier ensures that your glazing does not incur permanent damage. In the event of removal, the process is fairly straightforward, extremely cost and time effective, and a fair better alternative than having your glass replaced.

A quick replacement mechanism such as anti graffiti window film by Ultrastop window films, means that future vandals have a higher potential of not committing vandalism on your glazing. Once they see their graffiti gone and replaced in quick succession, they know that management are on-top of the visual appearance of their property and that future vandalism wouldn’t last long, therefore not be worth the time and effort.

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