Shielding your space from harmful UV rays

Sheild your home, offices, employees or valuable equipment from the harmful effects of solar radiation and UV light while preserving the allowance of natural light to seamlessly flow through. Our solar protection window film is a cutting-edge solution applied directly to your existing window panes, effectively managing excessive sunlight, heat, glare, and UV light infiltration. 

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Solar Control

Reduce the heat from sun rays by up to 85% and help control your rooms temperature. Alternatively, trapping cold air in during the hotter months.

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Silver Reflective film comes with a reflective appearance, creating an element of daytime privacy as well as complimenting your interior and exterior aesthetics.

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As well as creating a reflective day-time privacy barrier to prying eyes, it also adds an extra later of protection by holding the glass together in the event of a smash.

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Reduce Fading

By removing up to 99.7% of harmful ultraviolet rays, this film reduces fading on projects, furnitures and exhibits. Proloning the lifespan of your furniture.

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Discover our range of solar protection window films tailored to meet your specific needs and style preferences. Our diverse selection includes an array of shades and colours to complement any aesthetic, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your space. Whether you prefer a subtle tint or bold statement, we offer options to suit every need. Additionally, our films are available for both internal and external applications, providing versatility and flexibility in installation.

Benefiting both residential & commercial spaces

For homeowners, solar film can significantly reduce glare and heat from the sun, making living spaces more comfortable while protecting interior furnishings from UV damage. This reduction in solar heat gain also means air conditioning systems don’t have to work as hard or as long, leading to lower energy bills! Who doesn’t want to save money?

In commercial settings, the benefits are amplified due to the larger scale of window spaces, typically in office buildings, retail outlets, and other business premises. Solar films help maintain a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature, contributing to improved employee productivity and customer comfort. The energy savings are even more significant, with the potential to substantially cut operational costs. Solar protection film also plays a crucial role in protecting valuable business assets, including merchandise and office equipment, frmo the fading effects of UV exposure. In addition to that, by reducing the reliance on artifical lighting and cooling, businesses can enhance their sustainability credentials, an increasingly important factor in today’s environmentally conscious market.

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How to measure your glass for window film

Whether you’re looking for a quote or if you’re buying window film to install yourself, you’ll need to know how to acquire the correct sizes of your glass. We’ve got you covered!

Measuring Steps for square windows

1. Measure your window at the top from left to right

2. Measure your window at the side from top to bottom

3. Make a note of the sizes, for example 900mm width x 900mm height

4. Make a note of how many individual glass panes there are i.e 4

Measuring Steps for custom shaped windows

1. Measure your window on the straight horizontal side of the window

2. Measure your window from the bottom to the highest point of your window

3. Make a note of the sizes, for example 400mm width x 900mm height

4. Make a note of how many individual glass panes there are i.e 6

Why this information is vital

It’s important to meausre to the highest point on custom shaped windows as this will allow enough coverage for the whole glass. It’s also prominent to note down how many glass panes there are as this will impact the installation time. Therefore, if you’re not installing yourself, all this information will be vital for an accurate quote.