Protecting What Matters Most

Our range of safety & security window film is designed to safeguard your property, assets, and personnel against unforeseen threats. From preventing shattered glass during accidents or natural disasters to deterring forced entry attempts, our films provide an additional later of defence without compromising the aesthetics of your space.

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Shatter Protection

Ensuring that during a glass breakage, it does so safely and maintains the glass within a layer between the glass and the film. Helping prevent injuries from flying projectiles and scattered glass.

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Crime Protection

The protective layer diables the ability for someone to shatter the glass instantly, repeated force at one give time will of course break through but would give enough time for other security measures.

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Temperature control

Properties of this film allow the absortion and reflective of the suns heat, which enhances insulation and the ability to trap heat or cold in the room.

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Our selection fo safety & security window film boasts a variety of strengths tailored to fortify your property against a multitude of threats. Whether you seek defence against accidential breakage, severre weather, or forced entry attempts, our films offer unparalleled resilience to keep your space safe. With options ranging from discreet clear films to tinted varieties providing enhanced privacy and solar control, you can choose the perfect balance of security and aesthetics to suit your needs.

Benefiting both residential & commercial spaces

Safety and security film offers invaluable protection for both residential and commercial spaces, safeguarding occupants and assets against unforeseen hazards or crime.

In residential settings, these films provide an extra layer of defence against accidents, natural disasters, and intrusions. By holding shattered glass together upon impact, safety and security window film mitigates the risk of injuries from broken windows during storms, earthquakes, or other emergencies. Furthermore, it acts as a deterrent to potential burglars, making it more difficult for them to gain access and increasing the overall security of the propertly.

For commercial spaces, the benefits extend to protecting employees, customers, and valuable assets. Safety and security film help businesses comply with safety regulations while reducing liability risks associated with accidents. Moreover, in high-traffic areas or regions prone to crime, these fimls act as a protective measure against break-ins and vandalism, enhancing the overall security posture of the premises. Additionally, by minimising the potential for damage and downtime, safety and security film can ultimately contribute to maintaining business continuity and minimising financial losses.

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How to measure your glass for window film

Whether you’re looking for a quote or if you’re buying window film to install yourself, you’ll need to know how to acquire the correct sizes of your glass. We’ve got you covered!

Measuring Steps for square windows

1. Measure your window at the top from left to right

2. Measure your window at the side from top to bottom

3. Make a note of the sizes, for example 900mm width x 900mm height

4. Make a note of how many individual glass panes there are i.e 4

Measuring Steps for custom shaped windows

1. Measure your window on the straight horizontal side of the window

2. Measure your window from the bottom to the highest point of your window

3. Make a note of the sizes, for example 400mm width x 900mm height

4. Make a note of how many individual glass panes there are i.e 6

Why this information is vital

It’s important to meausre to the highest point on custom shaped windows as this will allow enough coverage for the whole glass. It’s also prominent to note down how many glass panes there are as this will impact the installation time. Therefore, if you’re not installing yourself, all this information will be vital for an accurate quote.