Vibrant Coloured Window Films & Vinyls For Every Space

Embrace the transformative power of colour with our diverse range of window films and vinyls, designed to infuse your space with personality and flair. From the subtle elegance of pastel shades to the dynamic impact of bold, vibrant hues, our collection offers a spectrum of possibilities to suit any design scheme or mood.

Our Colour Palette

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Our extensive palette ranges from subtle, soft hues to bold, statement colours, ensuring that you can find the perfect shade to match your design vision. Whether you’re looking for privacy, reduce glare, or simply add a decorative touch, our coloured films and vinyls provide both style and functionality. Ideal for commercial branding, residential accents, or artistic installations, these films offer a versatile solution for any glass surface. Click the button below to explore our collection and discover the endless possibilities and ways to personalise your space with our colourfl window films and vinyls.

Benefiting both residential & commercial spaces

Coloured window film and vinyl film offer a creative and function enhancement for both residential and commercial spaces, blending aesthetics with practical benefits. In residential settings, coloured window films can transform the appearance of a home, adding a touch of personal style while improving privacy without sacrficing natural light. These films can mimic the look of stained or tinted glass at a fraction of the cost, allowing homeowners to customise their living spaces according to their tastes. Additionally, they can filter out harmful UV rays, protect interior furnishings from fading, and even help regulate indoor temperatures.

For commercial spaces, coloured vinyl films serve as a versatile branding tool, allowing businesses to reinforce their identity through customised, vibrant window displays and interior decor. Beyond the visual appeal, these films offer privacy and can delineate spaces within open-plan areas without permanent structural changs, providing flexibility for businesses as they grow or their needs change. Moreover, both coloured window film and finyl films contribute to energy savings by reducing heat gain and reliance on artificial lighting, thereby enhancing the sustainability of a business. Importantly, these films can be applied and removed with relative ease, offering a cost-effective solution for seasonal promotions or refreshing the look of a space without major renovations.

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How to measure your glass for window film

Whether you’re looking for a quote or if you’re buying window film to install yourself, you’ll need to know how to acquire the correct sizes of your glass. We’ve got you covered!

Measuring Steps for square windows

1. Measure your window at the top from left to right

2. Measure your window at the side from top to bottom

3. Make a note of the sizes, for example 900mm width x 900mm height

4. Make a note of how many individual glass panes there are i.e 4

Measuring Steps for custom shaped windows

1. Measure your window on the straight horizontal side of the window

2. Measure your window from the bottom to the highest point of your window

3. Make a note of the sizes, for example 400mm width x 900mm height

4. Make a note of how many individual glass panes there are i.e 6

Why this information is vital

It’s important to meausre to the highest point on custom shaped windows as this will allow enough coverage for the whole glass. It’s also prominent to note down how many glass panes there are as this will impact the installation time. Therefore, if you’re not installing yourself, all this information will be vital for an accurate quote.