Reduce transmission by 99.9%

With safety in mind, our antimicrobial laminate film has been designed with a complex microbial community, consisting of bacteria and, on occasion, fungal species embedded within a protective polysaccharide matrix. Our antimicrobial laminate applies to surfaces with ease and has a transparent matt finish. It’s long-lasting properties allow for a prolonged protective layer that is 99.99% effective in protecting your surfaces and keeping you, your employees and your customers safe. Its semi-permanent adhesive allows for removal of the film if required – it can also be cut to size to cater to your specific requirements.

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A barrier inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria, helping to maintain a hygenic environment and reduce the risk of contamination.

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Anti-microbial film acts as a deterrent against parasites, helping to prevent their spread and maintaining a safer andmore hygenic environment.

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A protective shield hinders the growth and transmission of fungi, thereby contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

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Effectively curbs the growth of Coronaviruses and the transmission on surfaces, fostering safer surroundings.

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Take the proactive step towards a cleaner and safer environment by shopping our Antimicrobial film using the button below. Our products offer effective protection against the spread of bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses, including coronavirus, helping to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination. With easy installation and durable performance, our anti-microbial films provide peace of mind for both residential and commercial settings.

How to measure your glass for window film

Whether you’re looking for a quote or if you’re buying window film to install yourself, you’ll need to know how to acquire the correct sizes of your glass. We’ve got you covered!

Measuring Steps for square windows

1. Measure your window at the top from left to right

2. Measure your window at the side from top to bottom

3. Make a note of the sizes, for example 900mm width x 900mm height

4. Make a note of how many individual glass panes there are i.e 4

Measuring Steps for custom shaped windows

1. Measure your window on the straight horizontal side of the window

2. Measure your window from the bottom to the highest point of your window

3. Make a note of the sizes, for example 400mm width x 900mm height

4. Make a note of how many individual glass panes there are i.e 6

Why this information is vital

It’s important to meausre to the highest point on custom shaped windows as this will allow enough coverage for the whole glass. It’s also prominent to note down how many glass panes there are as this will impact the installation time. Therefore, if you’re not installing yourself, all this information will be vital for an accurate quote.